My New Blog. It is brighter ;)

hay everyone. sorry for being away. But here is a good news. From now on, i will blog on my own domain. So, you can directly log to to see my new and old contents. Thank you for being with me…


I am back…

Hay guys, how are you?
I was away from my blog for 4 months. Exams, you know.
But now, its over, and I am back, with lots of new exciting stuff. Keep checking.

And Happy Holidays. Enjoy Summer…

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820- First Reaction, Pics, and My views on Windows Phone 8 (Part 2)

World’s Most Innovative Smartphone yet!

After my first encounter with Nokia Lumia 920, I felt this line justify itself upto 90%. The phone’s hardware is simply great. I can assure you that the words PureMotion HD+, Pureview Camera, OIS, Polycarbonate body are not at all Marketing Gimmick. These words really mean the same on a real Nokia Lumia 920. So here is my reaction roundup. I will also tell why I felt the above line skips the 10%…….. Continue reading