Nokia Lumia 920 and 820- First Reaction, Pics, and My views on Windows Phone 8 (Part 1)

Got a chance to meet World’s Most Innovative Phone Yesterday. I spent a few hours with The 920 and 820. So here is what i found in the whole NEW experience by Nokia and Microsoft…… Continue reading


The Indian Nokia Lumia supports Hindi language too.

You guys must have known that Nokia Lumia 920, 820 & 620 are now launched in India. So what’s new in them for we Indian? Nokia always kept care of Asian countries and this attitude made them king. Windows phone OS, from long time, didn’t supported Hindi language. One can’t write in hindi as there was no hindi keyboard and moreover the windows phone didn’t even show any message in Hindi. Instead, one see some boxes. The obvious reason was that it didn’t had devnaagri font installed in it. But Nokia and wp8 brings change in it. The firmware verson installed in Indian Nokia Lumias has Hindi Support. See it for yourself, the new Hindi Keybord in windows phone 8-

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My Entries in Nokia Your Wish is My App

I promised to feature all the best entries from Nokia Your Wish is My app Here on my Blog, but that just cant possible because there are many entries. I tried but it was really hard to find some Good Ideas from Thousands of Entries.

But here is the List of All the entries/Ideas of Apps which i posted and i think are needed in Windows Phone Store. Read the brief description and if you find the idea cool enough to be voted, do click on them and vote for my idea. Continue reading

So after long long time some good news with lot of more questions. Major one is, “is it launching in 1st week or will be available in stores in first first week” coz some guys who did chat used the word launching and like the one in this post used “available in store in 1st week”. I will update once I do the chat myself tomorrow.



Nokia Care reps have confirmed during an online chat that Lumia 920 and 820 are expected to be in stores by 1st week of January. They also mention that during 4th week of January,Lumia 620 should also be in stores. That was expected considering Nokia’s push for massive China market, where the reception of pre-orders has been really good for both Lumia 920 and 920T. Our sources have actually indicated a mid January India launch, but seems Nokia has been able to pull socks and may be supply situation is now better.


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Nokia Windows Phone 7.8 Update is now live for all Lumia handsets [UPDATE]

Wohhh…. so many news this weekend. I just got a call from Nokia NPD employee. He said Windows Phone 7.8 update is now available to download on all Lumia phones (not the new wp8 phones of course). He told me to go to Nokia Care on Monday to update my Lumia 610. Though there is no new notification on my phone or on Nokia support page. Maybe they are getting it ready. But its allmost official.

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Nokia Lumia 920 gets listed on Support page

Just a quick post to share awesome news with u all, and build some more excitement for the 920.
Nokia’s at present flgship phone Lumia 920, after so much waiting and humiliation, finally getting ready to launch in a week or two. Today, the Nokia Lumia 920, gets listed in Nokia India Website’s Support page. It is known that once a product gets listed on local support page, it means it is near to its launch. My experience says it will launch sometime near 23rd December 2012 and will be available in markets a week after that. That means, we can start our new year with a new phone. But I guess you may not able to keep memories of new year party on your 920. But mind it, its all my prediction, but no confirmation. And the bad news is Lumia 820 is not listed yet, but I guess it will launch with 920 only and maybe they are getting the support page ready and it could air within next few hours. I will update once I know about that. Continue reading