How To Use Nokia Music ‘Plus’, for Free.

Got a Nokia phone? I am sure you are very much aware of Nokia Music, don’t you?


But for Others, Here is a quick intro of Nokia Music:- It is a music service by Nokia, which allows you to stream and listen millions of songs Free of Cost on a Nokia phone. The features are varied by region, but one unique feature which is available everywhere is Mix Radio.

Mix Radio? What is that? :- It is a kind of Music playlist, related to different Topics/Categories like Genre, Artist, Time, Festival, Tributes, etc which can be streamed on Nokia Music app. Unique thing about it is that, the songs in each Mix Radio playlist is set by real human beings, and not a BOT. So ultimately, you get to explore a lot of New GOOD Music while also enjoying top charts at the same time. Not just that, Nokia Music also allows you to create your own Mix Radio for easy listening of personal favorites and also allows you to download Mixes Offline to listen later when Data Connection is not available.

BUT, until now, only free version of this service was available and that too was limited to only Nokia Phones. Free version has limitations like only 6 skips per hour, low quality music, etc. Recently, Nokia launched Premium version of Nokia Music for everyone and every device, which is called Nokia Music+.

Features of Nokia Music Plus:- Some Highlighting Features Includes

  • High Quality Music Streaming
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Synchronized Lyrics
  • In-App Song Purchase (Purchase song with full rights)

Charges of Nokia Music Plus Service:- $3.99 for 30 Days.

Please don’t go away, I am not telling you to subscribe that, But I am going to tell you, how you can enjoy this premium service for free. Don’t rub your eyes, you read that correctly, its FREE !

Requirements:- A Windows 8 (RT/Pro) PC, Few E-Mail Accounts, and A Good Quality Home Theater/Stereo System.

How Its Done:- Nokia Launched ‘Nokia Music’ app for Windows 8 Desktop and ARM Devices, and we will use that app only. They do said we can listen Radio on any device, but currently its not possible as the service is still in Beta on other devices, and is limited to just purchasing and downloading Songs.

Actually, Nokia provide an option to try the Nokia Music+ service Free of cost for 7 days and after that, you can’t stream Mix Radio and app could only be used to listen songs which are in PC’s Storage. Now here is a catch, you don’t need to enter your Credit Card Number/Phone Number for verification while subscribing for free trial, just an E-Mail ID is enough to make a Nokia Account and Logging into Nokia Music. Just login and you will be able to enjoy full service of Nokia Music+ for 7 days and it will stop after that. Now you Need to logout and log in again with a different E-mail ID. The app will not stop you to try service again for 7 days. Here Are the Quick Steps:-

  1. Download and install Nokia Music App from Windows App Store in your PC . Here is the link (Nokia Music For Windows)
    (NOTE:- Nokia Music app is available only in few regions, so you may not be able find it in your store. In that case, just change the Region of your PC to United States from Control Panel->Clock, Language, Region->Region->Location)
  2. From Settings, select Nokia Music+ and select ‘Begin Free Trial’NM+3
  3. You will be asked to sign in with your Nokia Account. If you have a Nokia Account already, just sign in, if you don’t, click on ‘I don’t have Nokia Account’ and proceed to make an account on browser, and then sign in.NM+2
  4. You are done. Enjoy your Free trial for 7 days.NM+4
  5. After 7 days, you will see that you are asked to subscribe for NM+. Don’t do that. NM ends
  6. Go to settings and click ‘Signed in as:’ and it will ask you to Confirm Log out.
  7. Now, Follow the above steps again to reactivate trial (Not the First one. You need not to reinstall the app)
    NOTE:- In step 3, make sure that the ID you are using is not used for trial previously.

So, Practically you can enjoy this Premium service free of cost, until folks at Nokia Music read this and think to fix it.
PS- Guys in INDIA, avoid signing into Nokia Music for Windows 8 with your Nokia Music Unlimited Account having active subscription of Ovi Music, I have no idea if it will work and you may lost your subscription.

So guys, enjoy this awesome service and do not forget to share your thoughts or questions here. See you all later…

Thanks Akshay Shinde, Hunaid A. Udaipurwala and Swapnil Wajpe for Helping…


2 thoughts on “How To Use Nokia Music ‘Plus’, for Free.

  1. Don’t abuse the system. Nokia Music and now Mixradio is the best subscription service. Please don’t abuse it.

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