JoikuShare- A Fast and Furious way to share

You got the latest tunes from latest movie, and as always, your lazy friends asked you to send them on their smartphones. You got super busy sending each track, to each friend one by one using your phone’s Bluetooth. That Sucks, NO?


Joiku Share is here to rescue. Just select the files to share, turn on sharing, while being connected to any Local Wi-Fi network (and that includes the one established by your own phone using Wi-Fi Hotspot), tell your friends to open the provided web link (or share QR Code to open the link) in their phone/ tablet/ PC/ TV browser which is connected to same Wi-Fi network. Give them the password to login as guest to download whatever they want from those share files. That is it. You can see how easy it is to share multiple files to large no of friends over Wi-Fi without panic. It is done totally offline and no Data consumption takes place unlike sharing via cloud, while it is equally easy.

Here are the Advantages you get using JoikuShare Pro :-

1. Transfer Speed is Very Fast:- We all know that sharing via Bluetooth is very cumbersome and time consuming due to slow data transfer speed, and Cloud sharing consumes a lot of Data. Sharing over Wi-Fi is notably Faster, and easier.

2. Multiple Format support:- Share any type of file, may it be jpg, mkv, wmv, mp4, mp3, gif, xls, pdf, apk or any other type of file.

3. Secure Sharing:- Sharing is Password Protected, so, only those friends with session password have access to shared files.

4. No counter app installation needed:- No need to install any software on receiver’s device. Any kind of web browser will do the job.

5. No need of Pairing and other formalities:- Unlike the need of establishment of connection with each device while sending files via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi sharing is easy and do not need such authentication process. Anyone on same network with session password can download shared files any number of times, on any device, until sharing session is terminated.

6. Easy 1-Click Wi-Fi Sharing Start and Stop:- just one tap will activate/deactivate sharing.

7. QR Code for easy Web Link Sharing:- Save the time to type web link, just tell your Friend to point his phone’s camera on QR code on your phone, and he is all set to download those files.

8. Stream Shared Music and Videos over the Air:- This is an interesting feature. If someone don’t want to download whole thing but just want to listen/Watch the track, they can stream over the air. Or you can use this feature to watch recorded videos on Big TV screen wirelessly, just like DLNA air play. 9. Upload files to your device from Laptop:- The app also provide Two way transfer, i.e., you can transfer files to your phone from any other device. Just login as admin on other device, like laptop, and start uploading to phone.

10. Multiple device support:- Share with Laptop, Desktop, TV, Tablet, Phones, Xbox, Car Stereo, or any other device with browser and Wi-Fi.

11. Give offline Wireless sharing functionality to those cheap tablets having no Bluetooth.

This app is a magic way to use and exploit the power of Wi-Fi in mobile devices. The app quality is great, and the whole time I used it, I found no difficulty operating it on my tablet and on other devices downloading data from it. Menu is clear and self explanatory, Home screen is simple with not much options and UI is out of any glitches. The HTML page for shared devices is also simple with options to go to pictures, videos, music and files. Pics can be viewed as slideshow and has option to download. The only problem I faced was while logging in as admin. It didn’t worked as I thought, but it is not a big issue, as the main purpose of the app is to share, and it does it quite easily. Moreover, I am very thankful to this app, as I now can share data wirelessly from my tablet which is not equipped with Bluetooth.

Just to point out, JOIKUSOFT is the same developer company which bought JoikuSpot app for Nokia Symbian device. It was incredible app which enabled Wi-Fi hot spot feature on Symbian devices and it lead to this built in feature in current generation Mobile OS.

Joiku Share Pro app is available for Android and Windows Phone devices.

The Android Version is fully Functional with all above features and costs Rs50 on Google Play. There is a Trial app available for Free on Google Play Store which Limits the Sharing to Photos and Music only.

The version for Windows Phone 8, only allow Photo Sharing and costs Rs55 on Windows Phone Store.

Download Links:-

ps.- The Pro Version require Android 4.0 or Higher.

Here are some other useful link you might like to visit:-

Download them, Have fun, and don’t forget to comment what’s on your mind.


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