Nokia Lumia 920 and 820- First Reaction, Pics, and My views on Windows Phone 8 (Part 2)

World’s Most Innovative Smartphone yet!

After my first encounter with Nokia Lumia 920, I felt this line justify itself upto 90%. The phone’s hardware is simply great. I can assure you that the words PureMotion HD+, Pureview Camera, OIS, Polycarbonate body are not at all Marketing Gimmick. These words really mean the same on a real Nokia Lumia 920. So here is my reaction roundup. I will also tell why I felt the above line skips the 10%……..

most innovative smartphone!

most innovative smartphone!

The demo piece I was playing with, had fallen from 4th floor this sankranti (it happens a lot, we all know that).

Click to enlarge.

The fallen one, still survived……

Obviously, no phone can survive this fall, this piece of stone had its Screen badly broken, and got some minor scratches, but amazingly, it was still working, the super sensitive screen, the camera, every single part of the phone. Haha, this is what Nokia is known for. Anyway, let’s continue with other amazing parts of this phone, you share you thought about this later in comments.

1. Build Quality:- When it comes to build quality of a phone, no one can beat Nokia, and every single flagship from them, raise the bar to even top. There is no denying that the 920 is not a marvel in build quality. I already told you about its fall from 4th floor of building, and it  survive. Many other tests on youtube show the same result that it has solid body. When it is in hands, people had different reactions, some said its too heavy and this is a deal breaker for them, some said its very thick and some had mixed reactions. What I feel is, Yes it has more weight, but personally I don’t like extra lightweight phones. They give feeling of too much precaution, and sounds plasticy. While 920 has thickness fairly perfect and do not feels odd and weight enough that it will not slip out of palms accidently. Thanks to its pillow design. But it may feel very heavy in trousers (not in Denims) as it will stretch the pocket down. Lol
Talking about its screen and buttons, I was unable to test its screen as it was already tested to its max, lol and speaking about buttons, I was disappointed a bit. I can’t tell how was their performance as that piece was damaged and I was having difficulty pressing the buttons. Don’t know if it was a native difficulty or was there in that specific piece. But my main reason of disappointment was the material used to make it. On its launch, Nokia said it was some kind of mixture of ceramic and any metal and will not catch fingerprints and scratches. While I can’t confirm about scratches, nut it catches a lot of fingerprints on side buttons and camera surrounding. I am even doubtful if they made it by same material what they said on launch because it was feeling more steel. Anyways, it was not that bad either.

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The Nokia Lumia 920

Moving on to next part, I tested its camera, ooooo, it was the most amazing part.
2. Camera:- We all know 920 carry Pureview branding, so from start, the expectation was high. And by far, it justified a lot of its name. Two important feature it carry is OIS (optical image stabilization) and improved sensor to capture images in Low Light condition and Nokia collectively call them Pureview II. Yes it is not that pureview camera which was seen in the Nokia 808. But it was a different one. The difference is, 808 had its important feature called Pixel oversampeling which scale the pic size to whooping 41MP. But 920 do now have Pixel Oversampling and has only 8.7MP camera, which was a little disappointment. But what it does, no other camera in a phone can do in this world. It has floating lens to minimize the blur caused due to shaking hands and take professional videos. I took some of the pics shaking the phone and they turned out quite well. The blur was as minimum as 0% even on quite rigorous shaking. I also made a video but it didn’t turned out the way i wanted as the guy with me snatched the phone to demonstrate the OIS and started shaking it like a pulpy orange bottle. Then he played it and my eyes popped out as there was no blur in the video. Though it was a shaky video but blur caused due to constant motion was not there. The frame was moving but it created no blur.
Now coming to Low light photography, it was the real place where this innovative camera stands out of any camera in its category. I saw some videos where 920 magically capture each photon of a dark room. I thought its nothing but it automatically fix the image and gives a noisy bright pic, but when the guy demonstrated it, I was shocked. The pic was fairly bright and there was not much noise too. But when I took the camera and started finding a dark place, I was checking if the flash turns on a little bit when i pres the shutter, but to my amazement, it didn’t. Oh its was AMAZING!!! So Nokia really proved these two great features 100%. But what about other conditions? Ah, here is that 5% of where 920 skipped being most innovative. And guess what, who made it bite the dust? Yeh, another marvel of its time, The N8. Yeh, I know it has 12MP camera, but I am not comparing their imaging quality. Ofcourse N8 produces better image in normal condition due to obvious reason that it has better Mega Pixels. But we were comparing the sporty images. Task was to take a pic of moving fan and its fins should come blur free. Yes 920 has solution to minimize its own movement but was failed to capture a moving thing. On N8, the fast moving fan’s three fins come straight and there was no blur, and on 920, the fins came bend from corners. We tried every setting possible, but no, it was always a failure. But I wanna try it once more because I feel, there was some trick that we missed. Will share with you all if I succeed.  There are much more things which I wanted to experiment with its camera but I had no time, but will share some more cool things with you soon.
3. Screen:- Oh, what to say about its screen. It has the best screen I had ever seen on a phone. Though the screen was totally broken, but it was recognsing every single touch of my BIKE KEYS. Hell yeh, it was working as fine as a non broken screen does. And what’s more, its amazing 60Hz refresh rate blown away my mind. I put L820 and L920 side by side to test the Puremotion HD+ screen. Though 820’s screen produced better color, but 920’s screen produced natural color and due to its high refresh rate, the moving tiles and text were sharp and were not at all fizzy. That’s a real innovation and not an illusion.
Talking about screen size, I felt it a little bigger in my hands. I really believe 4.3″ should be the max size of a screen and a little more than that makes me feel odd. 920’s 4.5″ screen was really large for me and they should have kept it to 4.3″ only. I don’t feel 0.2″ could really bring big difference in user experience other than making the phone large. Count it as 1% disappointment out of those 10%.
But the thing I like the most other than its high refresh rate is the fact that its IPS LCD display. I know people prefer AMOLED as it saves battery and is more vivid in color reproduction but I prefer IPS as it do not suffer from pixel burn. For those who don’t know, pixel burn is native defect of all AMOLED screen and in this, a small part of display merges with screen and stick to it. That means a part of pixel that got burned, always remain on screen. I mainly happens when you keep screen on for long period and its even bad if its the same screen like notification bar in android which remains the same and every where throughout the os. But in Windows Phones, it is not that prominent as there is no bar on top and every single part of display changes constantly. So no fear guys who own 800,900,820. But still 920 is better if one wants a phone for long term.
4. Sound:- Music experience was almost the same as I found in L820. Find more about it in my previous post.
5. Battery:- I personally don’t know how its battery perform but what some guys saying on different forums is that it’s battery drains very fast. One can’t use all the features of this phone to utmost as one has to adjust to keep it alive for 12 hours atleast. They said they have to keep most of the things off in order to save battery and this kills user experience. So, if they are right, 920’s whooping 2k mAh battery is still remain a disappointment. Anyway I will not add it to my 10% list as I didn’t checked it personally.
6. Inside the Phone & connectivity:- The phone has no place to open the cover and its battery is packed inside. It also has wireless charging inbuilt. Phone also feature basic necessities like NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth and lastly Micro USB port. The phone has sim slot on the top to slide in the sim.
Main thing is, this phone do not has Micro SD card slot. So Internal memory is fixed to 32GB. Though 32GB is not less but few features are skipped in 920 due to lack of SD card support which includes Expandable memory, manual App installation which uses SD card only. So it is not a big deal breaker but surely not a thing to ignore too.
Misc:- 920 is Nokia’s Flagship phone, and comes with all latest specs needed like 1.5GHZ dual core processor, 1GB ram, Good graphics Processor, large Battery, huge Memory, Super Sensitive touch, Puremotion Screen, PureView Camera, Pure ViVid Colorful Polycarbonate body and standout design, Dolby Headphone enhancement, Nokia Legacy Apps like Maps, Drive, Music with 1 year free subscription, city lens, Cimeagraph, smartshoot and other lenses, and most importantly, Care and support of Nokia team, I really felt 920 is most innovative Gadget from most innovative Company Nokia.
P.S The remaining 4% disappointment from this phone was due to its OS, the Windows Phone 8. Will discuss it in next part I.e. part 3, soon. Just keep watching this space.

Here is Part 3- Link

and if you missed Part 1, Here is the Link
By- Ayush Mathur

Image Gallery (All pics are captured via camera of Nokia Lumia 820)

Click to enlarge.

Sim tray, 3.5mm jack on top

Click to enlarge.

Mini usb port to connect to PC, and Charger

Click to enlarge.

Gorgious back of L920 featuring the Pureview Camera

Click to enlarge.

Red one do not looks that odd in hands , No?

Click to enlarge.

The broken screen was still working …… thats NOKIA


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