Nokia Lumia 920 and 820- First Reaction, Pics, and My views on Windows Phone 8 (Part 1)

Got a chance to meet World’s Most Innovative Phone Yesterday. I spent a few hours with The 920 and 820. So here is what i found in the whole NEW experience by Nokia and Microsoft……

The Most Versatile Lumia!

The Most Versatile Lumia!

NOTE:- Before you go ahead, i want to warn you before hand. These are JUST MY VIEWS, and Nothing else. No offence please.

I first got hands on most versatile Lumia, The Nokia Lumia 820. (we will be discussing only L820 in part 1)

1. Build- Its Beautiful, Slim, has Bright AMOLED Screen, lighter than 920, Screen size perfect for everyone and 8MP Camera embed in Solid Metal surrounding (I am not sure what is it, Nokia says its Ceramic, i felt it as Steel. Maybe its a mixture, oh, whatever, but it surely it catches A LOT OF FINGERPRINTS, don’t know about scratches though, as i cant test that. LOL), Volume rocker, Power/Lock button, and shutter button on right side of the phone are of same material as of camera surroundings which i felt fairly easy to use.

2. Cheapo/Premium- The piece i saw was having White Back, It felt so Pure in hand. I took my own pic with 820 in my hand to flaunt  and really it looks cool, but if it was colored, like Cyan, it would surely become stand out.  In the End, its not Cheapo but at same time its not so premium too.

3. Screen- I have already stated the 4.3″ screen is perfect for everyone, but surely not for those who want more. But i found it perfect for me. Color Reproduction was just awesome. As it was AMOLED so of course it was quite bright and Iconic Windows Colors look vivid. There was hardly any difference between the screen of 820 and 900.

*My views for its AMOLED screen- while its vivid, and saves a lot battery but refresh rate of screen is worst. I have L610 with TFT display but i do not feel any lag when i move tiles on its start screen while on L820, when we move them, the lag was clearly seen. The Fault is of Low Refresh Rate of AMOLED screen running High Resolution updated Windows Phone 8. This was not seen on WP7 phones like on L900. Anyways, Nokia has solution, The Puremotion HD+ screen on L920. I put them in front of each other and moved the screen. Puremotion really works. but of course, one has to pay more for it. At such Low price point, 820’s Bright screen, is thumbs up.

4. Sound- It has Dolby Headphone enhancement which works with Headphones only, and it really works well. I was surprised to see so much presets available in Equaliser along with option of custom preset which was not found on other Nokia Dolby Phones like my Nokia 700. Talking about Speaker, its the same and not sounded that cool, but it was like ‘ good when phone rings, otherwise shut up’.

5. Camera- Oh, i loved the camera. Don’t know if its the same as on 900, but when i compared bright daylight pics with that of L920’s camera, they were almost similar, but of course we know, its not PUREVIEW, so no OIS & no good Low Light Photography. But for those who can adjust with this, but can’t adjust with Budget, i guess, they will be more than just happy.

6. Battery- i didn’t got chance to test its battery, but i guess other top reviewers have already published their results. They are more experienced, better ask them. I hope its battery will perform good. But i wanna share with you guys about looks of the battery, haha. It was kinda different looking from what we seen earlier in Nokia Phones. maybe the same one used in 900, but main thing is, you can remove it! so, people with 820, can own spare battery too, and its really helpful for travelers.

7. Inside the phone & Connectivity- Other than space for battery, there was SIM slot, some kind of metal pins to facilitate NFC connectivity & optional Wireless Charging and a Memory card slot which was not usually seen in Windows Phone before. Other part of body is fully packed as its still a unibody phone.

Connectivity includes, 3.55mm audio jack on top, standard Micro USB port on bottom of the phone, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth (Just for confirmation This Phone can share files via BT) and all supported Indian Mobile Network connectivity.

MISC- with all the features of 920 like 1.5 GHZ Dual core snapdragon s4 processor, 1GB RAM, Wireless charging, super sensitive multi touchscreen  and a few diff from that like 8gb internal memory, 64gb Expandable memory, 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 1650 mah battery, its a solid monster inside cute sculpture. Nokia apps, Dolby Sound, , colorful changeable shells, and still at an attractive price, Ah, who wanna miss this…….

(This was just hardware walk through  of Nokia Lumia 820. Read part 2 for Hardware walk through of Nokia Lumia 920, and part 3 for WP8 OS Walk through)

P.S- Image Gallery after the Break. Enjoy 🙂

by- Ayush Mathur

Image Gallery- All pics taken via Amazing Camera of Nokia Lumia 920  (Click them to Enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

The Bottom is the top class of this phone, it make it sounds great and connects it everywhere.

(Click to enlarge)

The gorgeous 4.3″ AMOLED screen of Nokia Lumia 820

(Click to enlarge)

The beautifully packed UniBody of Nokia Lumia 820

(Click to enlarge)

The pure Look of its Back is Simply Awesome.

(Click to enlarge)

Though we can change the shells, but still it packs it so efficiently that it looks a UniBody design.


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