The Indian Nokia Lumia supports Hindi language too.

You guys must have known that Nokia Lumia 920, 820 & 620 are now launched in India. So what’s new in them for we Indian? Nokia always kept care of Asian countries and this attitude made them king. Windows phone OS, from long time, didn’t supported Hindi language. One can’t write in hindi as there was no hindi keyboard and moreover the windows phone didn’t even show any message in Hindi. Instead, one see some boxes. The obvious reason was that it didn’t had devnaagri font installed in it. But Nokia and wp8 brings change in it. The firmware verson installed in Indian Nokia Lumias has Hindi Support. See it for yourself, the new Hindi Keybord in windows phone 8-


Its great that Microsoft is coming up with regional language support. It not only will help their OS become stronger but will help grow their user base. People were really concerned about Hindi language support here in india and Microsoft listen them. What’s next? If u ask me, then I want Xbox Music in india. Though we have Nokia Music but Xbox Music has different taste, and if people in US can use both, why can’t we? See you later, with new things…….
Thanx Nilesh for the screenshot

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20 thoughts on “The Indian Nokia Lumia supports Hindi language too.

  1. Not only does it support Hindi in the native Devanagari script, but it also supports a unique variant called Hindi (Latin). This lets you type things like “Kya baat hai yaar” with full text prediction using the Romanized form of Hindi. You have the best of both worlds when it comes to typing Hindi.

  2. If there is no in-script keyboard, (Which is official keyboard for all Indian scripts and part of windows too) still no use. So many people in india prefer in-script because it free from unwanted roman mediation.

    • ammm, I have no idea, there is no Kannada keyboard for sure, but that doesn’t mean it cant read kannada language.
      I can chk it for you, reply here smthing written in kannada, if wp8 can read it, it does support it.
      and sorry for late reply. keep visiting 🙂

  3. @ Ayush As far as my knowledge goes, none of the Nokia Lumia phones has Kannada among the display languages. This is really nonsense. I conclude that since you are not allowed option to customise your Windows phone, it is not 100% worth your hard-earned money. I had to give away my Lumia 510 and bought Sony Xperia Android phone.

    • well, what can I say, I never used any other language on my phone. But I agree with you, one should buy that one phone, which is best for them, and allow them to do what they want….
      I am a kind of guy who likes speed, so I like windows phone. Android kinda sucks in speed and its irritating,…

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