My Entries in Nokia Your Wish is My App

I promised to feature all the best entries from Nokia Your Wish is My app Here on my Blog, but that just cant possible because there are many entries. I tried but it was really hard to find some Good Ideas from Thousands of Entries.

But here is the List of All the entries/Ideas of Apps which i posted and i think are needed in Windows Phone Store. Read the brief description and if you find the idea cool enough to be voted, do click on them and vote for my idea. There are 3 options there “It’s superb” “It’s OK” & “It’s Bakwaas”. Vote what you feel about the app, and if you have a thought on the app, comment there only and share it to ask your friends to vote for it too. Of-course your votes are valuable. The more votes i get for an app idea, its chances increases to be shortlisted among top 36 from Thousands of ideas, and i can win a Brand new Nokia Lumia 910, or if i top it all, i could be a millionaire. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, VOTE ‘ITS SUPERB’ FOR MY IDEAS AND MAKE ME A WINNER.

NOTE:- If you click on say “it’s superb” on the voting page, at first, it will ask for Facebook Login. Login with your FB Id, and do click again on “It’s Superb” to successfully register your vote, you will see vote counter goes +1 after your vote, if its not, vote again.

My Favorite one-

*MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WITH MANUAL FOCUS– An app with DSLR level settings and ability to focus the camera manually. Its for amateur photographers like me, to learn advanced photography on phone itself before buying a DSLR.

FOOTY TV– An app to watch Live football matches.

1.KICK-START– It changes Start screen layout and profile according to location and time.

2. SOCIAL BANGLES– Gives best matching color suggestion for Bangles/watch/Bag for girls and helps guys to answer any gal’s query regarding matching.

3. DANCING TILES– Its a Fun app which create visual effects on music beats using tiles on start screen.

4. WiFi CAMERA– Makes a phone hand held wireless Web Cam to video chat on PC/Laptop, Xbox, TV etc.

5. SMART MUSIC SHUFFLER– Fetches shuffled playlist from net and plays songs present on phone, also streams some songs from net in between.

6. Start Screen Manager– Removes less used tile, add more used app/people as tile, arranges live tile automatically according to usage priority.

7. Social Hangman– Same Hangman game/ Hollywood Bollywood game but with online multiplayer feature just like Draw Something.

8. Lumia Store– An app to purchase other apps via phone bill/ debit card in windows phone.

9. Hindi SMS– An app to read messages written in Hindi Devanagari font which is not supported by Windows Phone yet.

10. ONE POST ONE TREE– A mobile blog to share thoughts on environment. For every post on blog, one tree will be raised by community.

11. AUTO FILLER (fills album art, song details)- No more Unknown album/artist, track ‘x’ in our music library. This app will change it all!

12. Cloth Size Unit Converter– Shows cloth size of user in every language and sign of every country.

13. UNIVERSAL CONTACTS MANAGER– App for all mobile os to manage contacts on windows live id.

14. EMERGENCY NUMBER DIRECTORY– Shows Nos of emergency services nearby to call if their toll free no is busy/time consuming.

15. NOKIA WORLD FEEDS– To show all posts from different Nokia FB/Twitter pages and conversation blog at one place.

16. PC MAKER– Helps users to assemble a PC for them in minutes.

17. NFC CAR UNLOCK– Tap phone to car body, type password and get in….

18. MOBILE DRIVING TEACHER– Tips to learn driving and to manage vehical profile.

19. PIGGY BANK– Financial adviser for kids and youngsters to make them learn shopping, saving and banking.

20. ULTIMATE FITNESS MANAGER– A fitness manager/adviser which molds itself according to user’s age and ability. Also features a similar looking avatar which changes itself according to user’s workout.

21. FACEBOOK APPS– An app to run all FB apps on Windows Phones.

Here are some ideas from my friend Parikshit. Check theme out too:-

My mobile Dr.
Best Online Buy


11 thoughts on “My Entries in Nokia Your Wish is My App

  1. Not a single idea is worth of it… See app can be categorised into 4 verticals
    Informational(news, events, blogs,twitter)
    Transactional(paytm,eBay , hdfc bank)
    Game(temple run)
    Support(to do precise thing quick from phone)

    Then hybrid informational(mix some info apps in a single app)

    I would rather say ur app suggestions are a sheep in a heard… Honest opinion but yes work out and think something more exclusive…. All d best

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  3. A apps to use the free memory in sd card used as ram memory like virtual memory in computer system .. it increases phone ram and. Increase speed of referring ..

  4. How is it??
    The Sanitizer- Keeps your city clean!!
    This app will encourage people to keep the city clean. The player will be a Sanitizer . He has to clean the city while creating awareness about it to the citizens. Different levels will include different parts of the city. The player can use various weapons to recycle or dump or destroy the waste in the most efficient and environment friendly way. There can be local championships among the windows phone users. We can add a lot to it to make it more interesting and attract more users to it.

  5. Before developing an App (Or thinking of a concept of App), ask yourself this question: What Problem Does It Solve ?

    If there is no answer for this, then your app is a waste of time. !!

    • Thanx mate for sharing your view, but i think not all apps are needed to solve any kind of problem. Some are needed just for fun. There are many examples, which are fun app but still are successful. Yes, I agree with your point that if we wanna make any app for easy life, that’s the question we need to ask ourselves, but sometimes, someone has to Think Differently…….

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