Lumia 610 also getting WP7.8 Update Now

Very happy to share this news with all you guys that Nokia Lumia 610 is also getting windows phone 7.8 update now but u cant update it from zune but u need to go to Nokia Care and ask them to update it if they are ready to.

My 610 running WP7.8

My 610 running WP7.8


Yeh! I updated my 610 today and here is what i feel about 7.8 update and Bluetooth sharing feature exclusive to Lumia Phones.

*The update surely bring some new and fresh feel to phone but i feel it lags a bit now. Don’t know if its upto 610 only due to its low hardware or its with higher lumia phones too. When i tap a tile, specially on new start screen, it takes little a while to open the app than in previous version. While opening from menu is same
*The new start screen is simply awesome. This is the first time i used it in my hands and it really does the job it says ie, ultimate customization.
*The Bluetooth media sharing is what everyone is looking for in this update and i was excited too. I tried sending few files from my nokia symbian phone to it and vice versa. Mp3 files and pics shares very well, but the app do not support video sharing. Another thing I felt not cool about it is that the BT share app is needed to be opened while receiving file . But surely 1 is better than none! Will write a detailed post on BT sharing and Ringtone maker app in my next post.
*There are new accent colors, 21 in total now. That’s nice.
*It also has new bing lock screen which changes wallpaper everyday. But again, there is a bug here too. Previously the music control comes embdded in wallpaper but now its changed. If music is paused, the lockscreen is complete blank and you need to press volume button to bring music controler along with volume dock in view. And if music is playing, and u press lock button, the lock screen comes along with volume dock + music controler in same way when we press volume button on any screen. That’s really bad coz when we unlock sliding screen up, the dock remains in its position and do not move along with screen. Moreover the dock background is black, creating ugly impression.


*Some icons are changed like of people, office, marketplace, etc and looks nice.
*user now can change default search engine in IE9 and can switch between Bing and Google. Like that.
*There are some new cool Walpapers, and new ringtones are awesome. Brimful is my new favourite. More additions include cat’s meaow and a tone with humourous name Applebite! Appriciate it.
*Hike IM and CNN were the only 3rd party apps came installed. That’s not nice. I expected atleast all Nokia apps should have came installed. Only maps, drive and music came installed.
*In camera UI, now user can start video recording by tapping screen. It was restricted to Camera button previously I guess.
*Zune is still zune, and not changed to XBox Music.
*Along with this OS update, some apps were also updated like, Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, etc with some useful changes and new features.
About Phone-

This is all I found changed in new update. Will update the post if I found something new or other bugs.


18 thoughts on “Lumia 610 also getting WP7.8 Update Now

    • I updated my 610 from the official nokia care centre in my city Sikar, Rajasthan. I hv confirmation that care centres in other cities are also calling people having lumia to update them to 7.8. But not sure if they started for 610 coz the update was put on their server yesterday . Please tell your city, if I could, I will tell u the care centre name… and you can call them to ask if they are giving update, but be sure to backup all data coz they will clean install the new os in your phone and its better to clean it coz it will increase speed and make some space. But if u don’t wanna format your phone, wait till nokia make the update available on zune….

  1. actually i hd been to d nokia care center yesterday….d guy der didnt kno dat i wnted d latest 7.8 update with d new ui n he updated it with d normal (8779) version.luckily i hd backup.he den told me that d actual 7.8 update wasnt jus wnted to confirm whether d update is avaliable in all cities.thanks

    • Yeh, I am also facing few bugs. Not faced blank lockscreen though. I guess its just a test update and original update is still due. If you notice, according to roumors, kids corner, Rooms, were there in the update but nothing like that came in this. the zune music player should have changed to Xbox music but its not done. And if update was open, why not they notify us. I guess the nokia care guys got fooled and thought this update is for all. But again, not all could be fooled at same time! Its a big confusion.

  2. hey firstly ,thanks for informin me abt d update.
    updated my 610 to 7.8 n here’s wad i found:
    1.) great ui ..luks completely new n attractive.
    2.) m nt facing any app issues…time required for apps to start is same as in 7.5
    3.) battery life has increased tremendously… nw lasts for atleast 6 hrs more than it used to earlier.
    4.) yes…ders a bug with d dock controller but its a minor one n i think itll get resolved with the next update
    5.) bluetooth sharing is great…faced sm issued while doing d initial transfers but nw it works fine for both media n files.

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