Nokia Lumia 920 gets listed on Support page

Just a quick post to share awesome news with u all, and build some more excitement for the 920.
Nokia’s at present flgship phone Lumia 920, after so much waiting and humiliation, finally getting ready to launch in a week or two. Today, the Nokia Lumia 920, gets listed in Nokia India Website’s Support page. It is known that once a product gets listed on local support page, it means it is near to its launch. My experience says it will launch sometime near 23rd December 2012 and will be available in markets a week after that. That means, we can start our new year with a new phone. But I guess you may not able to keep memories of new year party on your 920. But mind it, its all my prediction, but no confirmation. And the bad news is Lumia 820 is not listed yet, but I guess it will launch with 920 only and maybe they are getting the support page ready and it could air within next few hours. I will update once I know about that.

So guys, are u excited?
If u don’t believe me, just Click Here to see it yourself.
And before I end this post, here is a nice tip for you all. Download the digital user guide of Nokia Lumia 920 and learn how to use the phone so you can just Bang on the very first day you have it in your hands. Download Nokia Lumia 920 User Guide.
Have a nice day and Happy New Year.


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