The New ‘your wish is my app’ contest by Nokia India is even more amazing

So guys, how are you.
While we all wait for any official news from Nokia regarding availability of New Lumias in INDIA, they already started promoting it silently.
Submit Idea
In a previous post long time ago i told u about a contest by Nokia India called “Your wish is my app”, but since then, there was nothing new info regarding that contest. The contest was opened at that time, but was not promoted, and nor even updated (remember the problems i told you about?). But now, the whole contest has been changed. The theme is same, you have to share your app idea you want to see in your Lumia phone, if your app is cool enough, it may convert into a Real one and you may get reward. BUT , the twist is the contest Prize. Yeh, now its changed. And what is it?
The Winner will get 1 million rupees (yeh! you read that right, its 10,00,000INR), will get a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 and will be featured on “your wish is my app” show on NDTV, with our fav. tech guru, Rajeev Makhni and Vikas Khanna(Celebrity Chef).
And not the winner will take it all!!!
36 shortlisted contestants will be given to NDTV jury out of which only 10 winners will be shortlisted. Top 3 winners will get
Winner: 10,00,000 INR
First runners up : 3,00,000 INR
Second runners up : 1,00,000 INR
The rest 7 winners will be given 7 Nokia Lumia 920 handsets.
One winner from Viewers choice award will enter the NDTV show and be a part of NDTV ” Your wish is my app”

I guess you have already started searching in your mind which app you want, Right?
I will not disturb you, instead, i am giving you all the details in short:-
1. Mode of Participation:-
– SMS : SMS to 55555
– IVR: Call 1800-102-8558 and record your idea
– FB: Log on to , click the contest tab and tell your app idea (you can also go to dedicated contest page here and do the same as on FB app, and its Faster)
2. Terms & Conditions:- You should read all T&C before you participate. Link—> Click Here
3. For tips, you can go to my previous post HERE
4. Don’t just Post your Idea, share it on FB, tell your Friends to vote for your idea. And you can share them here also, so readers could go and like your idea (I will surely vote for u all)

I am also planning to feature Best app ideas here on my blog in a separate post and will update them regularly, so that they get more votes and we see the Best ideas winning and converting to Real apps. I have already posted some of my ideas, do watch my next post for the link.
So are you ready? Then why wait! Just go from Here….


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