Nokia Lumia 920 prebook page is up for INDIANS.

I was just surfing on the net and luckily loged into the Nokia Lumia 920 prebook page. I thought of to share this news with you guys.

Follow the link below to go to prebook page, throw in your details and you are all set. Nokia India folks will call you to confirm your piece at nearest Nokia Priority as soon as possible and will tell you all the details regarding availability.
So what are you waiting for? Follow the link below to book Most innovative lumia for yourself and share this awesome news with your friends on facebook, twitter and wherever they are and let them do the rest.



26 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 prebook page is up for INDIANS.

    • you googled every day!!!!!!
      i havent seen such a fan.
      BTW its just a pre book, ie they will just call you when they start taking orders and i guess it will actually arrive in december.
      But resf assured, you will be among first one to get the phone.
      thanx for reading and do share the post.

      • Well, haven’t even given Nokia a second thought since my 3310. But then that was my first phone, and you know what they say about first love. It’s unfortunate though the amount of time the company is taking with the release. They were pushing 900 during diwali and now they’re sitting out the Windows 8 hype. A lot of my friends are going ahead with the HTC 8x just because Nokia is dilly dallying. Anyways, I believe they finally have a great product on their hands and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it. And I hope you’re right about the Dec 15 launch. Cheers.

  1. Yeah, I google 6 times EVERYDAY TOO, Have been waiting for L920 since months, dying every second because Nokia India idiots releasing hte Phone late. Hope I get a call from them soon. Also I’ve heard from some top dealers of Nokia that L920 will not be available until next year 😦

    • Feeling nice to see such hardcore hans coming up.
      Hunaid, The late was due to the fact that Windows Phone was officialy released by Microsoft on oct 29th and before that, Nokia can’t sell it.
      And the late in india after 29th oct is due to the tradition being made by past.
      Nokia’s Wndows Phone come to India late coz they think India is not a Big market for such Highly Priced phone that too running Windows Phone. And I feel they are right. Windows Phone and ios by apple are US oriented os and can’t be successful here in india. But with Nokia Joining in, I am sure people will come out of android web!

      BTW the dealer you talked about may be partially correct. Yes the phone will still come some more time after as Booking page is open but not officially announced on fb page or twitter. maybe they will announce on the day it launches. And in period that day to availability day, you will get the call! But my prediction is that, you will have the 920 in your hand before 15 dec 2012.

      • Well, Actually I’ve got some Inside contacts as well, & According to the Q4 Quarterly List them get from the company, Nokia India has already got the Q4 List, & it does not Include Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 this year. Q4 List contains information regarding release & the Product, but I’m afraid this List has already been set & received to Nokia India & Nokia Dealers in India. You can confirm to with any Nokia India Online Chat Support as well.
        About the OS, yes you’re right, it is US Oriented & Most of the Apps like the Nokia City Lens will not work in india, its the same as Google Goggles.
        I am also afraid that most of the Features like Nokia Maps & Routes will also be incorrectly programmed & the Traffic, transport in India is itself not accurate & surveyed unlike US & other countries.
        The Only feature I’m looking into L920 is the Camera, & the Connectivity of my files in PC running Windows 8 Pro, so that I can have them on the go whenever, wherever I want. Also the Durability & Toughness of the Nokia Products. (See the Nokia Lumia 920’s Hammer, Knife, & Drop Test). These are the only 3 things I’ve been waiting for Nokia, or else I would have already Pre-ordered HTC Windows Phone 8X, but all other Smartphones are soo weak that they tend to break into pieces when dropped from a height of 3 feet, while if you see the Drop Test of L920 by PhoneArena, you will find that the L920 even survives an SUV Running over it.

      • Don’t know about that list and all, but if its up for preorder, it might be launching in a day or two and after a week or so it will be available in market too. I also read an article on web that it is going to be available in mid december.
        I guess its your first Nokia Smartphone! Let me correct you, Mapping and Navigating service in India is equally good as in US/uK likee big countries. The only thing missing in Maps is Actual satellite pics. But looking at roads in India and mapping it so perfectly, vanishes that lack. I am using Nokia Maps (previously called ovi maps) from a long time, and drive with it long routs without any problem. Yes it can’t tell you recently changed path but neverthless, the work it do, is unmatched.
        And City Lense app works in India very effectively, and google goggles is not like city lens. they both do diff work. gg Recognises a place pic and tell you which place is it, while city lens tells you what’s around you in which direction. You will find out once you get your 920. I an damm sure you will be pleased by many features, not just camera or build quality. My advice, do try all mapping stuff once, and do not ignore nokia music, there r some great stuff there too.

    • not really, the same address ( was used when they started prebook for n8, L800, 808, and other phones and when I regestered for 808, they called me the same day when it was launched, gave me pricing details, phone details and asked if they book one for me, I said yes and they gave me a date to go to priorty and give advance money.

      • What do you mean exactly ?
        You mean the web-page is not worth anything, just an Email notification regarding availability of the product ?
        It would be better to just go into the Nokia Priority & buy the product on the spot rather than having them call us LATE, after the product is out of stock & tell us to do an advance booking, and that too ont he Launch date. Why would anyone do an Advance booking on a Launch date, rather than just buying the Phone on the spot ?
        I dont understand. Sorry I have never been to a Nokia Priority shop before so I dont know the method of purchasing the phone, but it should not be so complicated right ?

      • Let me clear this, Launching date means, phone is launched on that date but still not available in stores. Generally phone comes in stock of online stores and priority after a week of its launch. That means you will get call in period btw launch and availability. you will be asked if phone is booked for you, if you say yes, they will tell you to go and give advance money (1k or so) to priorty and your phone will be available for you to buy on exact day of availability or they may ask you to preorder on but that comes a bit late. So you will be first one to get those phones if u buy from priorty. Generally, Nokia ships limited stock, so better register or you may have to wait for a week more.

  2. Seems like they have Fixed a Launch date for L920 & L820 in Singapore for $899 & $699. They will be launched in Singapore on December 8th. I don’t understand, if it has been fixed in Singapore WTF are Nokia India Dumbf*cks doing ? Sleeping ?
    Products used to launch in India first & then get to Singapore. Now its ABSOLUTELY REVERSED. This is Ridiculous. Also by seeing the price of the phones, I assume the L920 will be upto Rs. 49,990/- when it launches in India.
    Damn, seriously Nokia India are all KAAM CHOR SAALE !

    • These dumb guys also dont want to listen to us. I write a post to marketing chief of nokia on fb but that admin deleted my post……
      Guess he was not happy with my words as it was slight violent..
      With this no-comment attitude, they are only loosing their fans and followers.
      But in the end loss is ours only. Weonly will not be able to use such amazing piece of tech. But someone have to raise voice using people support. Start i thought of starting a petition on and gain people support, but i am not an active user and not much people follow me. So i just thought of sharing it here, so if anyone capable to do it, please do it..

      • There is already a petition started by an Indian regarding availability of Lumia 920 but very less signatures, only around 70 which is like Sh*t, not enough. Also if you see now News & Rumors have come up that it has been confirmed by Nokia India Spokesperson that L920 & L820 are not coming to India this year… Meh… -_-
        Already knew it since October that Nokia India are just Lame A** fools siting tight doing nothing about it. Just like they did for Nokia Lumia 900, they will release Nokia Lumia 920 in February, 2013 or March, 2013 AFTER L920 gets OUTDATED & another better Lumia is available to Launch worldwide, at that time they will bring Lumia 920 in India & dump it…
        I, Myself post 5 post each day on Nokia India’s FB, Twitter & everywhere about this & my posts get deleted too.
        I am only going to wait till my Birthday which is on January 22. If Lumia 920 is not out by then, then HTC Windows Phone 8X is what I will have on that day !

      • I asked from one of my blogger friend that why is it taking so much time? He explained one reason, and second reason I guessed and he agreed
        1. People here in India are really not interested in buying windows phones, main market in india is of budget phones ie s40 phones and low cost android phones, in which nokia already takes the lead. When targeting high end phones, people buying them are mostly high end users with lot of money to put on. But u also know that windows had many limitations and people don’t really like that. Also while buying high end phones, people like to ask to professionals and all professionals are developers/bloggers/show hosts and they are fan of open sourse os which wp is not and it is not hard to bribe them to recommand people not to buy wp. (Today I saw ankit on Tech Guru Cnbc Awaaz reviewing HTC 8x in 140 words, giving a kick and saying not to buy any present windows 8 phones. Reason- he is android fan! No explaination was given) surely htc had not given them money, so they are shouting rubbish.
        2nd pt in next comment

      • 2. What happens in US,UK,etc big countries is that service provider buy some stoke from nokia, modify them, and launch them on contract @price as low as $50 (lumia 920.@ $50, lumia 900 for free on contract) with their labeling. But they charge fixed amount every mounth for data and calls which are higher than in india. After contract ends, either buy latest phone or renew/unlock current phones.

        But in india phones come fully unlocked and Nokia sells phones here directly. No service provider in btw. So practically, the stock remains with nokia till we the customers do not buy them.
        So phones here come late for the business there with service providers run smooth without shortage and they get money fast. Even if u see, unlocked phones are still not available in those countries.

        But don’t worry, they will launch it before your birthday!!!

  3. Got some KICK-ASS news from Insider… Some Nokia Priority Stores in Delhi have started Pre-order/pre-booking of Lumia 920 & They have confirmed that it will be coming in India by 15th or 16th December. Well, they are not yet sure about the pricing, but as you can see some of my friends up there already pre-booked a phone in Nokia Priority so this in turn IS REAL. The Pre-booking has yet not started in other City like Mumbai, but I hope it starts soon & hope that Mumbai gets the stock along with Delhi 😀
    CAN’T WAIT ;))))

  4. F**k Yeah, Just called Nokia Priority & they took my Number & Name & Details & told me that Nokia lumia 920’s pre-booking is starting within 3 days from now, & that they will call me back when they get the details.. YIPPIE 😀

  5. Guys !! Today i was @the Priority Store of Nokia in Vashi, Mumbai
    The Female was very enthusiastic about Lumia 920
    and she has Confirmed that Nokia will Start its Pre-orders by Mid December.

    I asked her will it get delayed and she replied ” NO , Not at All ”
    She has personally tried that phone in her hand ( Lucky BITCH ) and she was also admiring the phone a lot !!

    I think The December is the Month for WE GUYS !! 😉

    • Freakin A man…… HELL Freakin YEAH ! Can’t Freakin wait for the pre-orders to start. Yes the Pre-order will start in mid december but the phone will be available in India in 2013 guys.. Only the pre-order booking will start, the phone’s Availability will not 😦

  6. Guys..!! Great going.. I have seen above that some people check 6 times a day… but I don’t even count.. 😦 I dunno when is Nokia gonna announce.. 😦 😦 This is very bad… I m real desperate.. anyways good to see like minds.. 🙂

    “Lumia 920..!!!!!!!!!! My Beautiful Beast..!! “

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