Nokia India’s “your wish is my app” contest is amazing.

Nokia India has launched a very interesting contest on their Facebook Page. On stake are Amazing 3 Brand new Nokia Lumia 920 along with wireless charging pads.

Feeling excited! boost it up, Because you will have to dive deep into your imagination pond and find out a very creative app which you wanted to have in windows phone store.

So without wasting time, let me tell you exactly what you will have to do to be part of this contest. Here are the directions-
1. First of all think of an app with all its features which u wanted to be in windows phone store. Check if that type of app is really not in app store.
2. Write down the whole app idea, its features and advantages in Note pad or wherever you want and save it. (I am suggesting it as the contest is not fully open and some changes may come out in future. so save your idea, and if in future you need to re apply, then this will save time and work)
3. Log into Facebook, open Nokia India Facebook Page and check if u have liked it.
3. Below cover pic, you can see “your wish is my app” page link, click on that.(or simply click here to jump to contest page)
4. You will see multiple fields which you will have to fill in order to apply for the contest. Fill Name, Email, Phone, Category of your app And finally paste your app idea which you saved earlier. (or write down app idea directly)
5. Click submit. share on facebook.
Note:- If u dont have facebook ID, go to and participate directly.
Some Tips:-
Be creative, and don’t write app ideas taken from apps which are already present in wp store or any other store as it may not be helpful.
Do not write crappy ideas like illeagal downloads of youtube videos, or mp3 sharing sites etc as they are not real creative apps.

Important things about contest-
1. Three winners will be decided and will be given Lumia 920 each for free.

2. The contest time period is 11nov to 15dec 2012.
3. As mentioned in T&C of this contest- ” Basis the entries the app idea with the maximum number of likes, comments & shares shall be the winners. However, the final decision to choose the winners resides within a panel of jury in Nokia India, Rajiv Makhni(NDTV, Gadget Guru)and Vikas Khanna(Celebrity Chef)depending on criteria such as originality, creativity, talent and fair participation. Entries which are not original or found to be using unfair methods to generate likes & shares etc will automatically be disqualified. The entries will be subject to
but when I submitted my idea, I didn’t found anything like comment, share & like and I was also not asked questions related to already available apps as was mentioned in T&c. so it is still unclear what is actual criteria and meathod of participating in the contest is. Maybe the contest page is aired earlier and still things are to be changed. But good thing is, you can share as many app ideas you like so why wait? Let’s get Started.
Full T&C here.

It is simple, let your imagination go wild!!!
Do share your app idea here too so we know how much creative people are as nokia will not be sharing all the ideas.
see ya later……………..
Source- Nokia India, Twitter


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