A Tribute to Symbian

After Nokia rolled out the Belle FP2 update for some belle devices, its almost sure that they are done with Symbian smartphone department. It is a sad end of this High potential mobile OS.
Lets discuss what we gonna miss after death of this lovely OS who made the world smarter.
1. MULTITASKING :- Symbian is god of multitasking. It has capability of managing different tasks very neatly and powerfully. Just press the home button for a few seconds and woo!, you will see all those apps which are running at that instant of time. Open it, close it, your choice. Even, when you scroll through the menu, the running apps have a tiny symbol on their icon highlighting it, tap it, resume your work, simple.
While using an android or windows device, you will wonder, “what all apps are actually running at this time” unless u do not install a 3rd party app as task manager (that too only in android). What we see is recent apps which includes all running and recently closed apps. Symbian on other hand shows only running apps.No recent apps, no confusion. And if a person want fast access to recently closed apps, advanced task manager is available in store to facilitate them.
2. STRONG APP HANDLING:- The major problem in android and windows phone devices running on low hardware specs is that, apps running in background are automatically closed by so called Advanced Task Manager without notice to make some space in ram for smooth running of system. This results in loss of data and ironically, system still crashes.
This is not the case with any symbian device. A device with low hardware specs do have problems of hangs and crashes but still they hold apps very strongly and do not close it without user’s permission.
3. GREAT MUSIC PLAYER:- One line is enough to explain this great Nokia Music Player- No other default Music Player of any other Platform has such functions like Equalizer, Balance, Dolby Headphones, loudness, & friendly user interface. I hardly know any other Music Player in which i have seen auto playlists like “never played”, “recently played”, “top played”, etc. Have You?
4. CHEAP APPS:- I have purchased many apps, games and themes from Nokia Store, and i hardly know anyone, which cost more than $1 (Rs55). Apps and games are very cheap and mostly are of just $0.18 (Rs10) or less. And what’s more, there is option of paying via operator phone bill in Nokia Store, which is NOT PROVIDED BY ANY OTHER PLATFORM.
This feature is very much useful for students (like me) and peoples who do not have credit card and too much money to spend on just apps, themes and games. All my friends on other platforms do not download latest games and apps, coz they just can’t! And i always tease them playing latest Asphalt game, full version Fruit Ninja & Angry Birds in front of them, which i purchase usually for just $0.09, $0.09 and $0.18 respectively. For just an idea how much this variation is, i want to take an example. Asphalt 5 HD which is of $4 (Rs160) on android and WP, is of just $0.09 (Rs5), ie. around 95% less. But sadly, due to lack of support, there are not much games having such awesome graphics and experience on Nokia Store.
5. MISCELLANEOUS:- There are countless small-small features which only symbian can provide. Very less people know that Symbian is the only platform which can provide Internet Sharing Via Bluetooth. This sounds wired as Bluetooth is slow and in this age of wifi, who uses Bluetooth! But a big crowd still uses old laptops and desktops which do not have WiFi but do have Bluetooth, and they still use this. All they use is a small app (Not Nokia PC Suite) in their PC.
Internet Sharing via Cable is also very Useful as it is fast and secure. I still use Nokia PC suite and my 3G Nokia Phone to connect to net on my Old Desktop.
Other Useful features include:- Clean & friendly user interface, Gallery Management, custom Connection Manager, OTA software update, Advanced File Manager and much much more.
I also accept the fact that symbian had many faults and lacks in some features, but this type of end was not the fate of this ancient legend.
Please share your thoughts and do tell me if you find anything which i missed, in comments section below. Do share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or anyplace you like.


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