Lumia 610: One unknown truth!

Planning to buy the Latest gorgious phone from the mothership of phones ie, Nokia Lumia 610.
I would say a nice choice. A beautiful phone running on equally beautiful os, the windows phone.
But before u go ahead, let me tell u a difference in the colour variants of this phone, which is ignored but really matters a lot.
We all know that it comes in four different colours namely white, cyan and black, magenta

Note the way i written the names, yes that’s the catch. I have grouped white, cyan together and black magenta together. The reason is simple, the difference i want to show are in these two groups. The white-cyan has polished back cover and black-magenta has rubber finish on its back cover.
So if u want the back cover of your lumia 610 to shine, then u have only two options ie of white or cyan OR if u want a different kind of rubber like touch of your lumia’s back cover then it is only given by black or magenta varients

You would be thinking what is the big thing in this, but its really important coz rubber catches dust & oil and hard to clean but it looks better if clean and do not gives feel like plastic while polished back cover do look like cheap plastic but still manages to give nice look and comfort of easy cleaning.
Its upto you what you choose but my experience with lumia 610 BLACK was not that good in this case. Its back cover gave me alot of trouble. Detailed story in next post.
Thanx for Reading

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