New Lumias to Visit INDIA Soon !!!

It seems that the LONG wait is going to over now as we may see new NOKIA Lumia 900 launching sometime in June along with its low end Brother Lumia 610.

I am particular about Lumia 610 as i am looking to buy it and waiting since it was announced back in Feb. It is a Low cost Budget phone coming to give new Windows Phone experience to People with tight budget who cant afford costly Windows Phones. It will be a new experience for Microsoft too as they haven’t faced economy class yet and will have to learn a lot. Already we can see many controversies going on regarding compatibility of this phone and study shows that 1.6% of famous apps are incompatible with Nokia Lumia 610‎.

But many reviews says that its the best phone in its cost range and developers are working to make compatible apps. We already know that Windows Phone Marketplace is the fastest growing App Store comparing to that of Apple’s and the largest Android’s.

Only Gizmos recently posted that Nokia is Gearing To Launch Lumia 900 & 610 In India.

But we will have to wait till 2nd week of July to get hands on it as stated in a mail which i got from official nokia email care

COST: The Lumia 900 is expected to be priced at Rs 28,000 while the Lumia 610 will be priced at Rs 11,000.


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