Nokia Competitions

Lots of Free Nokia phone to grab………..

Nokia recently launched many competitions to promote its products by giving away free lumia windows phone.

Mix Radio Summer Competition:

Nokia Lumia 610 to be won at Nokia’s international facebook page.

Enter the Mix Radio Summer Competition Now to win a  brand new Nokia Lumia 610. You have to just Give the name of your fav. summer song and invite 9 friends to the competition to stand a chance to win one. it was started on 15th may 2012 and last till 31st may. So what are you waiting for, go and tell the best summer song you like and who never know, you may be the lucky one to win the beautiful lumia 610.

NOTE:- Its a Global Competition and participants should be at least 16 years old. Read all rules before Participating.

—Click here to participate in the competition

Apps And Amazing Everyday Contest:

Many Nokia Lumia Windows Phone up for grab every Week on Windows Phone India Page.

This one is much easier and cool way to get hand on a brand new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.Nokia India and Windows Phone India brings together this contest and giving loads of prizes. Though it is not clear that how many and which lumia phones they are giving, but after seeing contest time period and frequency of winners announced yet, it is sure that the amount is huge. Till now it is known that some winners have received Lumia 710 but it is expected that they are also giving Lumia 800 too. They are also giving some leisure experiences like S-class drive experience, paragliding, luxury cinema, etc which one can’t enjoy normally.

This Competition was started on 23rd April 2012 and planned to end on 31st June, I know what are you thinking, its a long period, and chance is big. What will you have to do?

Now that’s interesting. you will have to choose share your favorite apps from a huge list of apps provided of different categories, write about how these app will make your every day Amazing, choose any activity you want to win experience of, enter your E-mail, share it with your friends.

TIPS:- WPI provided some tips on twitter as well as on their fb page to increase your chance to win.

  1. Be honest choosing apps
  2. Do not just share link with your friends, write something attractive
  3.  Be Patience
  4. Have some Hope
  5. and Be Regular, Posting everyday.

You also need some Luck to win.

NOTE- This contest is only for Indian Users.

Click the pic to enter the contest, and start sharing your Fav. apps.

Winners every week get amazing experiences or a fantastic Nokia Lumia handset! Did you share your favourite apps with the world yet? Well, why not?


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