HTC One V – With Unlimited 3G Internet On Aircel – What Will You Do With It !?

Imagine Speed With Beauty, Impossible! But not now.

Aircel Unlimited 3G

We have been using Mobile phones from a decade, and the way we use has been changed a lot. In the beginning we only use it to call; also the technology did not permit us to think further. But the Change has to come with 2nd Generation of wireless telecommunication and it was a big one. Voice clarity increased, Basic data transmission (SMS, MMS and E-Mail) was introduced, and Privacy was improved. Overall it was a breakthrough in the world of telecommunication.

Then introduced was 3rd generation of wireless communication, which was like AMAZING providing great speedvideo calling service, high speed heavy download upload, easy & fast Social networkingE-learning and INFINITE possibilities. But It didn’t get more Attention. The reason was only one, the COST of using it. 3G was introduced with high cost price that a Normal Person can’t afford it in daily life use. And if work can be done via other sources at low price, then why to spend more on it? But 3G is Superior than others:

This problem was understand and solved by AIRCEL, who recently introduced its new 3G data plan providing unlimited 3G Internet with the most amazing phone HTC ONE!, which is far less costly than other Network providers starting @just Rs8. Have a look at it:

Now Question is: what would you do with an awesome phone and unlimited 3g services?

For a Blogger, it’s like Great thing has come in small Package.

Here is what I (a blogger) will do with unlimited 3G and beautiful HTC onev.

  • Capture video and pictures at the same time- A blogger need to take videos and some rare pic at the same time while reviewing the world around. With HTC one having 5MP camera with LED Flash, it’s easy to switch modes or simply snap a photo while recording HD at the same time.
  • Updating as soon as it comes to mind- With high speed internet on AIRCEL1 GHz processor and 3.7″ 480 x 800 pixels screen of HTC One, It’s easy to Upload HD Videos and update on blog, twitter& facebook on the move. Bulky Lappy and Dongle are now Passé.
  • Live Chat- Keeping up with friends, family and Boss is now easy with Aircel’s Live Video and Voice chat service. Now I can talk face to face with my Boss even on the go Without any fear of network failures.
  • Wi-Fi Tethering- No need of bulky broadband and Data cards. Phone itself can be used to run INTERNET on PC via WiFi tethering.
  • Live unlimited video Streaming & Uploading- Exploring and streaming on HTC with Aircel’s unlimited 3G is as easy as on Lappy with some extra i.e., Instant Sharing with fast internet. Now I can share my captured videos on my blog faster than anyone does.
  • Multitasking- with 512MB RAM and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense™ 4, I can run my Fav. Apps and Games while updating my Blog at the same time. Say Bye-Bye to Waiting and irritating hangs!
  • Music- Streaming music while updating Blog is Fun.
  • Battery Capacity- With HTC one having 1500 mAh Battery and high speed internet, it’s easy to save time and battery.
  • Easy Blogging- Blogging was never easy before but is Now with so many apps available to blog on the phone with ANDROID ICS.
  • Navigation- With 3G INTERNET, it is easy for a blogger to explore unknown places and hard to get lost.

Overview- With so many capabilities of HTC ONE and infinite Possibilities of Aircel’s unlimited 3G, It’s easy for a blogger to Update Fast, SAVING TIME and Spend a better Healthy life with Family and friends. A Blogger can easily give up his Heavy Laptop and save a lot of Money at the same time.

Aircel’s Exclusive 3G Services:

Pocket Video, Pocket Games, Pocket Learning and much more. 3G on Aircel gives you innovative services you won’t find anywhere else.

A SmartER Phone with Unlimited 3G is the Best Anyone can get!

Get full Spec. of HTC ONEHere

Know More About Your Plan Here:

Choose your plan Now

Choose your plan Now


3 thoughts on “HTC One V – With Unlimited 3G Internet On Aircel – What Will You Do With It !?

  1. Thanks for this read mate. Well, this is my first visit to your blog! But I admire the precious time and effort you put into it, especially into interesting articles you share here!

  2. Hi all thanks for this detailed overview. soon I am going to purchase HTC ONE V. but cant decide because its battery is not removable. I want to surf & download from internet in pc via Htc One V with HI-WI Hotspot option & with wifi usb dongle in pc. please asure me its possible. One more thing should I buy Htc one V or Sony Xperia J . plz advice thanks.

    • by the time I am replying, you must hv bought this phone. but I want you to know that there were many other good option than Htc one v/xperia j…
      sorry for late reply. Keep visiting

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